Xianzhi Zhang

    user research
    product development
    concept generation
    embedded system design


WIO is a window-mounted indoor air pollution monitoring system that enables people to visualise the intangible air pollution and take appropriate actions.

WIO leverages people’s intuitive perception of humidity through condensation on windows and prompts people to open windows for air exchange.

People could spend as much as 90% of their time indoors, especially the vulnerable population, including children, the elderly and people with lung and heart disease. It has been discovered that the air quality inside our homes could be up to three times worse than outdoors, due to pollutants released during the daily processes of cooking and cleaning.

The simple behaviour of window opening is an efficient way to exchange outdoor fresh air and protect people from invisible indoor air pollution. WIO consists of a display visualising the indoor air pollution and an embedded monitor that measures and compares the indoor air quality with outdoor air quality data.