Xianzhi Zhang

    concept generation
    3D modeling


Vidå is a student project that re-thinks filtering for drinking water for the brand Bodum.

The pressure based filtering system gives users an intuitive filtering experience, allowing users to get drinking water instantly.

Vidå’s visual appearance, minimalist and modern, is primarily inspired by Scandinavian design elements with customizable recurring geometries.

Design objectives

The goal of this project is to realise the importance of understanding users’ pain points in their day-to-day lives and propose an experience from the first principles that answer users’ needs.

To use the filter jug, user could simply remove the piston, fill the jug with tap water, and press the piston. The water is immediately filtered and ready to be served. Portable, Vidå is easy to hold and could be put in the fridge. Vidå’s cartridges are designed to be easily replaced. To change the cartridge, user could simply unscrew the bottom of the piston.

The hollow-carved design on the shell is used to visualize the water level. The specially designed top of the piston makes it possible to serve water from all directions.