Xianzhi Zhang

    concept generation
    3D modeling
    conjoint analysis
    user research


SensorWake challenges the most intimate aspect of our everyday life: how do we wake up in the morning?

During a student project, I proposed to redesign this olfactory alarm clock for a more gentle, intuitive and intimate wakeup.

For this design project, I carried out user studies in order to objectively evaluate user preferences on the design of this product. The sequence below illustrates this process, where I performed statistical analysis, which led to the draft sketch for the final design.

The wooden diffuser blends in naturally in bedroom setting. The pressure-sensitive top retains a familiar “snoozing” interface that’s made even more intuitive by blocking the scent outlet physically when pressed down. The LED display on the front brings up information that is useful for the upcoming day without the glaring light that traditional display emits.

In addition to the built-in bluetooth module, SensorWake retains a physical dial-based setting interface that is easy to navigate and emphasize the basic function of the product.