Xianzhi Zhang

    concept generation
    3D modeling
    Collaborator: Laboratoire dʼÉlectromécanique de l'UTC


COMET is a passenger vehicle inspired by quadrotor drone, using a hydraulic propulsion system to obtain a battery life up to three hours, compared to 15 min of similar structures.

In collaboration with the Department of Mechanical Systems of UTC, I proposed and designed the physical structure of this passenger drone.

By introducing design elements from automotive industry, the passenger drone inspires confidence and familiarity for passengers in this novel mode of individual transportation.

Provided with a basic set of technical constraints, I set out to rethink what individual transportation would look like in the air.

Rethinking transportation in 3D also means taking into account novel safety considerations: visual signaling should be visible from different angles, which is why the front and rear lights are sloped to convey the driver’s intention to other commuters.

Watch video to see a full sized physical prototype.