Xianzhi Zhang

    mechanical engineering
    3D modeling
    product testing
    quality control
    Collaborator: Withings product team, Elium Studio and manufacturing partners

Withings BPM Connect

Withings BPM Connect is a smart blood pressure monitor that accurately captures systolic and diastolic blood pressure plus heart rate. The compact and intuitive design of BPM Connect makes it easy to monitor blood pressure both at home and on the way.

As the lead mechanical engineer for the project, I worked with a team of engineers, designers and manufacturing partners to bring BPM Connect to the market.

Withings BPM Connect is distributed by our distribution partners including Apple Store and FNAC.

I accompanied BPM Connect over its full design-production cycle. I gained in-depth understanding of industrial design and manufacturing processes. By constantly challenging standard procedures and working with different stakeholders, the final product turned out intuitive, compact with a design centered on users.

I have always wanted to create impactful products that bring social benefits to people. At Withings, I am proud to have contributed to making these beautiful, sophisticated yet accessible healthcare products possible.

Watch a video to discover more about BPM Connect