Xianzhi Zhang

    user experience design
    interaction design
    digital prototyping


Beyond² is an interactive storytelling experience that enhances artisans' ability to communicate the uniqueness of their work. The motivation for Beyond² is to bring back the physical interaction in the digital world and create this 3-dimensional storytelling tool that goes beyond the 2D surface to help the audiences to empathise with the effort and value behind every detail of a physical object.

With Beyond², artisans could scan their work into 3D models and associate stories in the form of text, image, sound or video directly with the physical features of the object. The collectors could then interact with the object in 3D and navigate through layers of stories behind it. Beyond² also encourages meaningful dialogues between creators and collectors through story sharing or question and answers towards specific details.

Beyond² users could browse craft work in 3D or via AR, interacting with the object to see it from different angles as with a physical object. Users could also click on the floating highlight bubbles attached to the object to read associated stories. Different keywords are shown at the bottom of the screen, helping users filter relevant features.

Creators could generate a high quality 3D scan of their work with the Beyond² application and add the 3D model to their Beyond² collection or embedded on their personal website. They could then associate stories about objects, including description of material, process, inspiration or cultural background with specific details on the object’s 3D model. Creators could directly embed stories that they share on other platforms such as Instagram or Youtube, to better centralise or establish their identity.

Collectors could ask creators questions about specific details of their work by pointing to the detail on the model. Creators will receive notifications to continue the conversation and answer their questions. Collectors could also associate their stories of using the object to show their appreciation or provide feedback to the creator on the details they care about.

User Journey

Beyond² fits in the creators’ regular daily routine. With little extra effort, creators could better showcase the details of their work and enable their audiences to be attached to the values represented by the work.

Beyond² brings back the physical interaction to the users beyond the flat 2D screen, communicates the warmth of stories beyond the cold object description, and conveys the knowledge and craftsmanship beyond the usual online browsing experience.

The beautiful Etched Bouée Vase is created by Karine Hilaire