Xianzhi Zhang
Users will fall off the chair when trying to sit on it alone. They need another user to sit on the other side of the chair to keep the balance. Together, they can sit still having a gentle discussion thanks to the flat base of the chair. They can also seesawing, their hands holding naturally. To keep their partner and themselves from falling, users must give full attention to their partner. ![](/images/chair/usage.jpg) Different prototypes and simulations have been made to explore, test and improve both esthetic and functional aspect of the chair design. Full-sized prototypes are made to explore interactions with real users. The concrete material is chosen to create a strong base that can hold the weight of two users. The concrete base can also hide the metal strengthen structure while shaping a smooth sphere. Different mixture of concrete have been tested in order to create a strong yet aesthetic chair base. ![](/images/chair/concretestructure.jpg) The chair is designed for public installation. The material choice of concrete, metal and wood fits the urban environment. Please watch a video to discover the chair making process Different users have tested the chair and explored different interactions. Watch the video to discover more interaction